A peaceful outdoor setting 

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ADINKRA FARM is the perfect site for your outdoor garden wedding. Nestled in a quiet rural community just east of Georgian Bay, you will find all of the comforts of clean country living at ADINKRA FARM. Set up your wedding tent adjacent to the pond and enjoy the refreshing country breezes as you enjoy the ceremony.

Children are always welcome at ADINKRA FARM.  If you want to include children in your special day, a supervised outdoor children’s area with activities for children who attend the wedding can be arranged. You may also host a children’s play area in the studio space and offer movies, arts and crafts children’s games and child-friendly, healthy and nutritious snacks. Parents and children can check in with one another throughout the event. bride and groom for websiteADINKRA FARM caregivers are experienced in childcare and recreation coordination and trained and certified in first aid and childcare safety procedures. Contact the Program Director to discuss your plans and design a custom package.       

Planning Your Day

There are a number of things to consider that will make your special day a pleasant memory for years to come.

Choose your date and time of day: Check the long-range weather forecast for the ideal time to host an outdoor event.

Check with the ADINKRA FARM Programme Director about availability for your chosen date Consider travel arrangements for out of town guests in setting the time

drummers usher in the family

Venue set up: Tent Rental – depending on the number of guests, you may rent a tent to protect your guests from the elements

Other rentals: Tables, chairs, podium, bar, floors, plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins serving dishes, serving spoons

Decorations: Visit the site to plan your decor against the backdrop of the gardens and trees

Catering: We recommend that a food tent be set up.  A generator may be needed to power the food preparation area.  BBQs, chafing dishes, servers may be available from your catering company.   ADINKRA FARM can recommend local caterers for Caribbean, Indian, Thai, Italian and Vegetarian cuisine.


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