Children’s Camps

African Dance Lesson

Campers learning traditional dance moves from elder Quammie for the Parent Showcase in 2018.

Next Camp Adventure: 2021 – depending on COVID 19 Restrictions

Registration will be announced
One Week Overnight Camp

Monday to Friday 

Parent Showcase on Friday at 6:30 p.m. – leave early to beat the traffic!

next camp plans: 

Africans in Technology – Decade for People of African Descent

This year’s programme will focus on the technological skills and information needed to lead our people into the future. Building on the grounding principle of SANKOFA, we will learn from the past as we look to the future with activities that will fortify young people:

Learn to create apps

Learn about food sovereignty and security

building a social purpose business – creativity and ingenuity

Drumming, dancing, arts & crafts

FUN and GAMES – Oware, African Jeopardy, Night Tag and sports


Looking Back – Moving Forward: 

Summer 2019 Camp

“We must claim our heritage as our base for solving problems, collectively, not as individuals. We must put ourselves in charge of ourselves.

We must pick ourselves up, knit ourselves back together again, and revivify ourselves. No one else sees a bright future for us.

No one else will guarantee that it comes to be.”

– Asa G. Hilliard III

Day Two Highlights…

The day started off well, with spot challenges to test their knowledge of African geography and history. We had a great workshop with one of the camper parents, Amai Kuda, who talked aboout some African traditional beliefs and hunting, gathering practices. The children learned how to identify 3 edible plants and harvested some greens which were added to our dinner as a side to curried chicken and rice. Next they made oware games and learned from Oware champion and former Adinkrafarm camper, now counsellor Shomari Hill, about the origins of the game and how to play one version of it.
Presently they are out playing a very late game of night-tag ( camper’s choice) and will have lights out in about 40 minutes. Tomorrow is a big day with a visit form elder Janie Cooper and a few parents along for a trip to the beach. The day should provide an opportunity to recharge a bit after two long days with late nights and lots of new friends.
All of the campers seem to be thriving and enjoying their time. They are a loving, caring group, except when mosquitoes and flies are in the mix!

Swimming at nearby beach

Report on Summer 2018 Camp:

The theme for Summer Adventure Camp was “If I Ruled the World”: Young African Leadership. Workshops, games and activities focused on African Leadership in the present day and historically, and the children explored the way that leadership plays out in their lives. Starting with self, games and activities helped children to articulate the ways that they show leadership in their own lives, their families relationships and community. Here is a sample of the daily camp report to parents:

Camp Day two…. I know its day three already… but I didn’t get the chance to write to you yesterday because we went to bed at 3!… most slept earlier, hence I am to to make breakfast. Tofu and scrambled eggs with appropriate bacon-like meats and veggies, is on the menu.

What can I say about day 2… it was all about this moment.
We were playing a group puzzle game together, whereby each player gets a chance to solve the puzzle, a 4×4 maze. Once s player missteps, they must leave the puzzle.and the other team gets to try. Camp is 80% boys, so these things tend to get heated – competitive of life-sized proportions. The team with the player that solves first, gets the opportunity to attempt to put their whole team through for the win. The Sankofa team was poised to win when one of their members flubbed and the possibility was opened for the Wakanda Warriors to put each player on their team through for the win… it was to be a game to teach about communication and unity, collaboration and strategy, negotiation and leadership; and that was the lesson, with one amazing and unexpected outcome.
As the third and youngest player on the Wakanda team was going through, she made an error, throwing it back to the Sankofa team, who was, quite frankly, cocky. She was in tears, feeling the weight and genuine sorrow of letting her teammates down. So when the Sankofa player flubbed and it went back to the Wakanda team, the team put her back in… and she froze at the third step (of 13). At first, members of the Sankofa team were elated that they could have a chance to win again. They were visibly but quietly celebrating because of the -no talking while a player is in the puzzle- rule. She did not make a move. For about five minutes, she stood in the puzzle, whimpering and confused. She was offered the opportunity to take a break, but she was determined to keep trying. She just was not ready. So, we broke the silence and campers began to encourage her. Even the cocky Sankofa team became gentle, caring and supportive members of her community. Eventually, and at her own pace, she bravely made the next eight steps, each one to a rousing cheer from the entire group, and tears still streaming from her face … and she completed the puzzle successfully. Did I mention, that she wearing a leg cast as she is still recovering from a fracture??? Parents… let me tell you… that moment was everything!!! We debriefed about the magic of perseverance… courage…believing in yourself and of being unselfish instead of cocky. Friendly competition, respect, love… community… ALL was captured in that moment.


What to Bring

Outer Gear:
water-proof footwear: boots, running shoes, hat & flashlight

Sleep Gear:
Pajamas (2), sleeping bag or comforter, blanket, pillow

Health and Beauty items:
Toothpaste, toothbrush, body soap, towel & wash rag, skin moisturizer, insect repellent, sunscreen, towel, after-bite lotion

Pack for indoor/outdoor play 5 days, 4 nights. DO NOT over-pack as storage space is limited to one medium-sized bag per camper, plus sleeping bag and pillow.
include extra underwear. please ensure that all clothing items are labeled so that we can return items to their rightful owners.

Pack 1 plastic bag for laundry items, 1 small plastic bag for (muddy) shoes.

Electronic Games
Activities will primarily focus on interacting with the outdoors and with one another, exploring creativity through the arts and through games that the children will be involved in designing. No personal electronic devices will be permitted. Please leave all electronic game devices at home. AdinkraFarm and Harriet Tubman Community Organization will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


Meal preparation will be done by the children under the supervision of a caregiver or volunteer. We will discuss the importance of a balanced diet, low in sugar and fat for overall good health. The children will have the opportunity to bake from scratch.

We have selected a nut and pork-free menu that includes vegan/vegetarian options and a healthy representation from all four food groups. Proportions will be selected in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide. At the orientation meeting, campers and camp leaders will decide on the schedule of meals and helpers for the duration of the camp. The helpers will be responsible for supervising clean-up after meals, and everyone will pitch in to clean up before we move on to the next activity.

We are able to accommodate special diets and allergies: gluten-free, non-dairy & various allergies. Speak to the Camp Director at least 2 weeks prior to the camp start date, and complete the appropriate section of the camp registration form. An extra fee may apply to recover the cost of specified ingredients.

camp cooks

Registration is limited to 15 campers aged 5 to 13

To obtain a registration form, e-mail or text your request with your e-mail address to: 416-573-1930.

Note: Camps for older youth can be arranged based on demand by contacting ADINKRA FARM Programme Director
HTCO – Harriet Tubman Community Organization
Harriet Tubman Community Organization has joined with us in presenting the camp once again, and will provide access to insurance and programming support. We are able to offer a discounted registration rate for the overnight experience due to HTCO’s involvement.

My daughter can’t stop talking about the March Break Camp. Her favourite part was baking” We will be back for the summer! ~ K. Wint, parent

The children cannot wait to go back to camp. They keep asking me when it is happening again” ~ N. Robin, parent

All rates include: 5 days, 4 nights, all meals & snacks, camp activities

One Week Overnight Camp Rate $300.00/child* This is not a parent and community cooperative enterprise. ADINKRAFARM provides the space and the fees cover the cost of use, food and activities. We generate support from adult and youth volunteers and in partnership with parents. Commercial overnight camps can cost between $700 and $2000 and by working together we are able to offer a similar experience for much less. We are able to offer a rate similar to non-subsidized day camps which run from 8 to 4 daily, charge extra fees for extended hours and meals.

We thank all of our parent and community volunteers for making this possible. We are pleased to be able to offer this discounted fee with the support of Harriet Tubman Community Organization and we are committed to providing an affordable option for parents and children.
Transportation – It is the parent’s responsibility to transport children to camp. We can assist in arranging car-pooling

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