ADINKRA FARM Retreats – Relax, Re-energize, Rejuvenate, Plan – Retreats have many benefits for participants.  Enjoy time away from the everyday. Rates are available for groups and individuals.  Overnight and Day retreat options are available.

Front Lawn looking west

Below is a list of some of the benefits you can expect:

• Re-energize your spirit, health and well-being potential
• Strengthen unity of a group
• Learn new skills
• Create lasting memories
• Discover a common bond with others in your group
• Think positively and constructively about solutions
• Reflect and evaluate your individual and/or collective goals
• Bring things that need to be discussed out in the open
• Build team relationships
• Discuss and plan for a change
• Develop a plan or new direction for your group or personal life
• Recognize leadership, staff members or group participants in a programme
• See things differently
• Relax and get in touch with nature
• Have a good time!


Day Retreats

There are many different outcomes you might seek from a group retreat including:  Strategic Planning  Group Goal Setting  Personal Life-Planning or Goal Setting  Stress Relief/Clarity  Connection/Reconnection or Recharge  Team building  Youth Rites of Passage

Not all retreats may involve your entire group. It can be an opportunity for a small group to work out a solution to a problem or develop a new direction for a programme. Our Retreat Director will work with you to discover the ideal retreat plan for your group.


We offer customized visits that include a menu tailored to your dietary preferences, overnight or day retreats and a range of activities.

Facilitated Workshops:

  1. Word Speak! – Learn to speak in front of people, do school presentations, job interviews or performances
  2. Get iT Done – Learn how to set and achieve goals, and techniques to hold yourself accountable
  3. What next? – Learn to use life plan and visioning tools to plan for your future
  4. Money smarts – improve your understanding of money, investment informed by traditional economic strategies
  5. Intro to RITES – understanding the meaning and purpose of traditional African Rites of Passage
  6. African leadership Principles – Learn the principles of leadership evolved by the worlds first peoples
  7. Ngoma– Learn the music and dances of Africa and the African diaspora. Customize workshops impart the techniques and repertoire of African singing, instrumental, and dance traditions.
  8. Makers – Learn the basics of creating from scratch. Design and manufacture using a variety of materials – sewing, carpentry, drum- making. (coming Aug 2019) ,
  9. Recharge Your body and spirit- Nature walks, meditation, Capoeira, Yoga, mindfulness
  10. Michezo- Interactive African – centred team building games and activities
  11. Kuumba – choose from an array of Arts and Crafts activities: painting, tie and dye, cloth stamping, batik, drawing, macramé, carving.
  12. Krik Krak – Explore the African and diaspora storytelling tradition
  13. Elder Visit – Meet and speak with an elder. Learn about their journey in life and career
  14. Local Afrikan History – An experiential history lesson that includes a visit to local Black historical landmarks and a visit with descendants ( based on availability)

Rates available for: Two -Day, Full Day, Half-Day visits. Contact the Programme Director for a customized quote 

Rates vary according to services selected and flexible arrangements can be made to suit your group’s needs. Larger group discounts are available. * note that group minimums may apply.


What to Bring

Walking Shoes Waterproof footwear Warm clothing Waterproof/resistant jacket extra socks insect repellent

For overnight guests sleeping bag & pillow toothbrush facecloth



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