Adventure is just a breath away

ADINKRA FARM provides a peaceful setting for your event.

Day Retreats for groups


A retreat provides an opportunity to temporarily step away from your busy schedules and to set aside the stresses of daily life. It allows you to take a look at your reality from a different perspective. Most importantly, it allows you to gain increased focus, away from the distractions of phones, television, computers and unexpected visits or interruptions. It also presents an opportunity to connect with group members on a new and perhaps deeper level as you face challenges together and forge relationships on a renewed platform of shared experiences.


drummers usher in the family

Bring the simple beauty of the country to your wedding day. Your guests may enjoy a leisurely walk along the nature trails or a cool drink under the trees. Take photographs by the pond. Experience the serenity of clean air and fresh breezes in a natural country setting. Birds, butterflies and lily pads may be available at no extra cost. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and the environmentally astute.