Community Development Vision

ADINKRA FARM is a place to RECLAIM, BUILD and GROW a sustainable community. Community is defined by actions and activities that create opportunities for people to come together in unity to achieve their goals.  The inspiration provided by the Adinkra symbol: Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo – Cooperation and Interdependence is central to the formation of community.  The Kwanzaa principle of Ujima provides a similar call to work together to achieve a good that is greater than the individual.  The development of Adinkra Farm will be based on these Africentric values and through our actions, we will RECLAIM, BUILD and GROW together as a community, developing a sustainable resource for the benefit of our community.


Renovate and Refurbish  projects  RECLAIM the existing property, Cultural events aim to  RECLAIM our African heritage and community connections.

RECLAIM activities include:  wedding events,  children’s heritage camps, youth and adult retreats and our annual Kwanzaa event on December 28th.  We host individuals seeking respite from the city and an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective of their work as artists or their lives in general. We continue to encourage opportunities for healing and development and will expand this programming.

Renovation plans: update the recording the studio space, renovate and upgrade the basement, pave the driveway.

YOU CAN HELP! we are seeking community volunteers to do this work, investors to contribute materials, time and ideas and money to help us complete the project.

Sankofa Symbol meaning:  “It’s never to late to go back and fetch it”  – symbolic of reclaiming our identity, culture, values and restoring our purpose


We are exploring opportunities to BUILD on the property further by adding new indoor  and outdoor spaces and features to the property.  Planned building initiatives include:  Accommodations, Treehouse, Leadership Centre. With support from community members and friends, we completed the Fence project in 2014 and purchased a run-in and feed trough for the horses.  This project is also about investing to BUILD a community institution for the benefit of future generations. 

Boa Me Na Me Moa Wo Symbol meaning: ” Cooperation and Interdependence”  – what we do with and for one another


Respect to Asase Yaa ( Mother Earth), we will cultivate the land to GROW food to support secure food sources and generate alternative sources of power.  We have conducted an assessment of the soil and have successfully grown crops including sunflower seeds, beans, garlic, melons, carrots and kale.  We will be exploring other crops and opportunities to share information about farming – soil, planting, nurturing, reaping, greenhouse development – as a community development project in support and promotion of community food security.

Asase Ye Duru Symbol meaning: “the earth has weight” – a symbol of the divinity of mother earth

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